Fiscal responsibility and less taxes are classic Republican goals. There is too much government waste. There is also, on occasion, government fraud. Tax reform will have to work hand-in-hand with ethics reform.

But, common sense solutions to budget concerns will go a long way toward saving taxpayers hard earned dollars. I would like to see the automatic spending of the supplemental budget stopped by requiring a 2/3 majority vote and restricting supplemental budget monies to high priority items. I would also like to end unfair tax collection practices on businesses. Currently the State collects estimated sales taxes prior to those dollars ever being the business owner’s hands.

We must also find a way to fund education without continuing to burden property owners. I would support converting the school portion of property tax to a sales tax to be collected by the state and distributed back to counties based on FTE counts. Additionally, I would support the reduction of income tax to be replaced by a sales tax. Overall, l want to see a reduction in the tax burden and the simplification of our tax system.