Educating children is a sacred trust. Parental authority should be respected. Children should be nurtured and provided with a safe, disciplined learning environment with a strong emphasis on the basics; reading, writing, math, science, and American history. Traditional classroom teaching works! We can take the best that technology has to offer to make learning more innovative without giving way to harmful fads and unproven teaching methods.

Parents must be extremely vigilant in watching legislation. There is a disturbing trend in education that is ever encroaching on parental rights. This ranges from lowering the age of children entering school to undermining moral values in the home with the teaching of tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle.

I do not believe government should have a monopoly on education. I support school choice, especially for students trapped in low performing schools. I believe government can properly encourage higher education by providing incentives to save for future educational needs. Public schools can be more open to home schoolers in various programs and accommodate religious liberty opportunities, such as Released Time.

Higher Educational Savings Accounts
Establishes a method of saving money for the payment of qualified higher education expenses.

Funding of Elective Courses
Provides that local boards of education are authorized to add elective courses for students in specified grades and provides state funding of such additional elective courses.

Protecting HOPE Scholarships
Insures that HOPE Scholarships are protected by establishing a standard (B) grade for all graduates of Georgia high schools. Also eliminates the fee charges should the HOPE reserves drop below the target level. These measures should insure HOPE scholarships last well into the future.

School Child Protection Act
Provides that each local board of education shall adopt policies that prohibit unruly behavior on school buses, shall require such prohibition to be included in student codes of conduct and allows for suspension of unruly students from school transportation. Most recently Senator Williams also supported the suspension of drivers’ licenses for students who are unruly in school.