Georgia has a rich agricultural history. Most Georgians have a rural heritage and many can still recall growing up on the family farm. Yet, this way of life is endangered in today’s economic climate. Farmers have traditionally had difficulty making ends meet, but foreign imports, water shortages, and rising land costs are taking a higher toll. My own family has experienced the near loss of the family farm, and I, personally, had to make the choice to give up farming or face a financially bleak future. I identify with the plight of farmers and seek input from farmers whom I consider my Agricultural Advisory Team. If you are involved in farming and interested in this advisory team, please email

Water Conservation Incentives
Creates the Agricultural Water Conservation Incentive Program.

Agricultural Water Conservation Incentive Program
Allows the state to participate with farmers in the construction of private ponds, waterways, buffers and other measures that improve water quality. I am also working on water issues that will protect the farmer’s ability to irrigate.